Highest Smartphone penetration and highest broadband penetration in the world – but is it all good?


With handset makers such as Samsung and LG, and the world’s most advanced fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) network, it’s probably not surprising that South Korea has the highest Smartphone penetration rate in the world at 68%, according to Strategy Analytics.

And according to the report, Korea’s penetration rate is only set to get even higher. It predicts that Korea will remain in first place for the foreseeable future, with the penetration rate exceeding 88% by 2017. Coupled with having the world’s highest broadband penetration rate, it really makes Korea the ‘world’s wired nation’.

But maybe that’s not all good news. According to a recent report in the Joongang Ilbo, some children in Korea as young a fifteen are showing symptoms of ‘digital dementia’ – displaying cognitive disorders and memory loss due to excessive access to digital technology.

Technological advancement is good, but one must never forget its social impact.